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There’s a real buzz surrounding recorded music again, thanks in part to a resurgence in the fascination with vinyl. Kids are going into record shops again

How to get the best out of a studio recording session

Today it is possible to create very high quality recordings at home with a relatively small budget, and a good ear.  Many musicians and bands have successfully released their own, self-produced material but not all musicians have the know-how to capture their material in the studio.

How To Prepare For Your Studio Session

Recording in a studio for the first time can be a daunting prospect as there is an air of mystery surrounding recording studios. Whether you are recording for fun or you are recording to make a professional demo, you are probably going to walk in blind unless you prepare yourself beforehand. The key is to

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7 Steps to a Successful Recording Studio Session

If you dream of being the next Beyoncé, Bono or Bublé but you’ve never tried out your skills in a recording studio, the idea of taking the plunge in front of a team of engineers and finding out what you’re really made of can be very daunting.

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Home or Professional Recording Studio – Which is Best?

Today’s technology means that anyone can set up a recording studio on their laptop or PC, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll create a musical masterpiece. Although the tech you use is important, there are other elements of professional recording which in most cases, can’t be achieved at home.

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Tips for Getting the Most out of your Recording Session

Are you potentially the greatest rock and roll band to ever walk the face of the Earth? Well, the fact of the matter is without at the very least a professionally recorded demo, you’ll find it very hard to get ahead in the music biz, no matter how great you are.