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Home or Professional Recording Studio – Which is Best?

Today’s technology means that anyone can set up a recording studio on their laptop or PC, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll create a musical masterpiece. Although the tech you use is important, there are other elements of professional recording which in most cases, can’t be achieved at home.

1. The Importance of Environment

No matter how much clever tech you’ve got, the space you record in will still make a huge difference to the quality of sound you produce. It’s essential to consider how sound will behave in the space you have and affect what you can hear and end up recording.

It’s particularly important that vocals are recorded in an isolated area to create a non-reflective, clean and clear sound. Using a professional recording studio will result in a richer, warmer tone being achieved.

When recording at home it’s very difficult to completely cut out noise and reverberation, unless you want to cover your walls in insulation, block out your windows and ban your neighbours from moving whilst you create your masterpiece. When you’re in the mix, if you discover that secondary sounds have been recorded, it’s extremely difficult to remove them.

So if you are thinking of creating a home recording studio then make acoustics your priority, rather than the equipment you use – or make life easier and book some time in a professional studio instead.

Sound Proof Booth

There’s no substitute for a professional standard sound proof booth that cuts out any sound from outside. It’s possible to achieve at home but you’ll need thick carpets, curtains, reflection filters and insulation, which can all add up to a large expense.

Studio Monitors

As well as being able to record without outside sounds being heard, it’s also essential to use a good pair of studio monitors or speakers so you can hear every intricacy of your recording clearly. Without proper speakers to listen to recordings on, any other tech you invest in will be useless.

Recording and Mixing

Mixing tracks professionally requires lots of complex kit that takes extensive training to get to grips with, so unless you’re planning to become a sound engineer, you’re better of being in a professional studio where you can concentrate on the music you’re making and leave the complex recording and mixing tasks to someone who knows what they’re doing. For voice over recordings you will see a huge difference by using a professional recording studio.


Mastering is a highly specialised skill that takes many years to perfect and in most cases if the recording isn’t up to scratch in the first place, no amount of mastering will remedy the problem. If you’ve made a home recording that’s not up to standard it’s best to start all over again rather than attempt to master it, so using a professional studio could save you bags of time and allow you to record more.

If you want to achieve professional results that you can be proud of, don’t waste time, money and effort setting up a home studio. Book a professional studio instead and give your music the recording quality it deserves.

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