How To Prepare For Your Studio Session

Recording in a studio for the first time can be a daunting prospect as there is an air of mystery surrounding recording studios. Whether you are recording for fun or you are recording to make a professional demo, you are probably going to walk in blind unless you prepare yourself beforehand. The key is to get organized in advance as, chances are, there will be a time limit once you get in the studio.

Here are some tips to follow when getting prepared for your first studio session.

Organise your songs

The worst thing to do is wing it in the recording studio. Get together a playlist of the songs you want to record and practise them beforehand. You may decide to omit or exchange songs while you are recording so ensure you have a few back up tracks to hand. As you will be recording your performance, some songs may not sound as great as you thought they would so practising a few extra tracks can’t hurt. Have the lyrics written down and take them along as nerves could strike. Writing out the music is a good idea and note any chord changes. This way you can focus solely on performance and not on forgetting anything important. Lastly, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

Organise your instruments

The last thing you need is for your drummer’s sticks to snap during your recording. But the absolute worst thing would be if there were no spares. Your recording session stops just like that. Tune in guitars before you go, pack a spare instrument if you have space in your vehicle or just pack spare strings and drum sticks. Anything could happen on the day, so if you have your instruments in check then you will be fully prepared for accidents or unexpected circumstances. Remember that your voice is an instrument too if you are lead vocalist so drink plenty of water and rest your voice beforehand to ensure that it is at its best when you go to the studio.

Prepare for the unexpected

As with any professional situation, things can go wrong. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before and try to stay at home and relax. You will feel fresh and less stressed on the day of your recording therefore you will be more focussed and able to deal with any unexpected delays or problems. Instruments can break and computers do crash so if any of this should happen, just try to remain calm and practise your next tune while the problem is rectified. If you have organised your instruments and taken spare guitar/bass strings, extra drumsticks etc. then you should be fully prepared for any instrumental problems.

This could be a very important step in your professional life as a musician so being organised ahead of your studio session is essential. Don’t be intimidated by the studio itself; there will be someone there who can guide you if you have any worries. Good luck and stay focussed!

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