Memories of your beautiful day

Your wedding day is something that you will always remember but it is also nice to have a tangible record, if only so you can share with people who couldn’t be there on the day. It is important, though, to make sure that the photographer or videographer doesn’t become the main attraction – professionals know how to merge into the background so that all you end up with is a proper, well prepared and presented record of your beautiful day and not a memory of that annoying idiot with the sniff and a bad haircut who seemed to be in the foreground wherever you looked.

Using friends and family can be a mistake

In the average group of friends or your family you are bound to have someone who has an interest in photography and who owns a camera with all the trimmings and if your wedding has a tight budget it can be tempting to get them to capture your wedding memories. Unless the person has a track record of turning out very good images of other people’s special days, you should steer clear of having them as your only recorder of your wedding. A big posh camera with lenses to further order may well look flash, but does its owner know what they all do? If they are a guest, will they lose interest in taking pics halfway through, get absolutely hammered on champagne or fall in love with the chief bridesmaid? If any or all of these sound likely – get another photographer! The same goes for a video of the ceremony and of the day in general. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable with mad old Uncle Fred being in your bedroom while you have your hair done, or if you have a sneaking suspicion that your friend Alice doesn’t really know how to use her video camera – get another videographer. It may cause a few ruffled feathers when you turn down their kind offers, but this is your special day and it won’t come again, so it needs to be done right.

Make-up and hair styling are also very important and best left to the professionals. Using a professional makeup artist will ensure that you look your best on your photos. I would also recommend using a tailor to make sure the groom and best man have great looking suits that match or at least compliment each other.

Decide what you want and stick to that decision

Whether your wedding budget is large or small, you will need to decide how many photos or how long a video you want. Photographers obviously want to give you the very best deal but don’t be swayed into having more than you want. That said, you can’t go back later and add more, so don’t stint either. It isn’t everyone who wants a video of the hairdos and makeup being completed and if this describes you, then have your professional wedding video start at the church or registry office door. Some people get very stilted and awkward when a lens is being pointed at them and if you suspect that your dad might launch into his infamous Tommy Cooper routine if the videographer is there, then cut the videographer; it is your day but your family matter as well, so it is important not to make anyone feel uncomfortable. On that subject, if you do decide to have the whole day filmed, check with everyone concerned first – it isn’t every bridesmaid who wants to go down to posterity in her underwear.

Don’t rely on technology alone

In these digital days it is tempting to simply have a memory stick, a cloud or a social media home for your wedding pics and of course that is a perfectly good choice. It is important to have ‘hard copy’ though – keeping all your memories on Flickr or Facebook may seem like a good idea but don’t forget that technical glitches can happen. Everyone has heard horror stories of people’s accounts being accidentally disabled and in one keystroke, there go the pictures – once they are lost in cyberspace you can never get them back and although it happens rarely it does happen, so an album of pictures as ‘back-up’ is essential. Also, don’t forget, great-granny is probably happier leafing through a book than looking at an image on your smartphone. Nowadays you are not talking about a bulky album with pictures stuck in – there are many sites on the internet that will print an actual book of your wedding. Ask your photographer if he or she provides this service but if they don’t, it is very easy to do yourself. The more copies you have the cheaper it becomes as a rule, but a one-off is still a very affordable option and it is certainly very nice to be able to leaf through an accessible book once in a while without having to log on, provide passwords and all the rest. Your memories of your beautiful day belong on your bookshelf or coffee table, to share with friends and family whenever you fancy it.