Professional Music Videos vs DIY Videos

So, you’re in a band, you have made a record and are playing to increasingly large audiences, what’s next? A music video is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. The music video phenomenon has become almost as important as the songs that accompany them and have spawned music television networks and turned directors and bands into household names. With many more online outlets such as YouTube and Vimeo containing thousands of professional and amateur videos, it is important to do something new and something eye catching to make take your music to a wider audience.

Anyone can get a video camera

There are many homemade online sensations that show simple live performances to more adventurous stories and short films. Animators have brought songs to the screen through simple illustrations or stop motion figure animations. Elsewhere, found footage in the public domain, such as news footage have been used to great effect to convey a songs’ meaning.

Digital cameras have become more affordable in recent years, and most smartphones have the technology to create good quality videos so creating your own videos is a much more simple process than before. Editing software is available free from apps and is user friendly. But even with all these technological advances, music videos are time consuming and without knowledge of lighting, the editing process or even a concept for a music video, this process can be difficult and the results unsatisfactory.

Examples of some Youtube videos:

The pros know best

Professional music videos can run into the many thousands of pounds, but these days, in an increasingly competitive market, there are options to suit many budgets. The pros of a professionally commissioned video are numerous. From inception, a professional company will be able to help you storyboard your music video, either with you, or using their own expertise and insight.

Using a professional music production recording studio is also a must if you want to create that wow factor video. They will know the best way to realise a vision and also be able to achieve things that you perhaps did not think possible, and equally be able to advise you on when your ideas may be too ambitious.

If your music video needs a cast, the majority of professional cinematographers will have a raft of actors (human and animal) to tell your story, and also an eye for location and set design. Even if you have cameras available, it is unlikely that you will be able to source a number of skilled cameramen to operate a number of cameras capturing different angles and having access to and making use of professional equipment such as dollies and gobos. Filming at night, in the rain, on the move, or in a specific setting all come as second nature to the professional cinematographer. Post-production is also something which can be hard to achieve without knowledge of sound and visual editing, but professionals will take the time and care necessary to create the best possible results.

Real style

Amateur footage has its charm, but professional cinematography can really make all the difference, and this does not just extend to the entertainment industry. Professionally filmed wedding videos can make your special day more like a romantic feature film than getting Uncle Ted to film it using his digital camera. Without being obtrusive, professional wedding videographers have the eye and the skill to create amazing and enduring images that will last a lifetime.

If your business needs a push, what better way than to have a professional advertisement or promotional film made to bring some glamour and pizzazz to your company, we all have advert tag lines on the tip of our tongue and very often, it is the advert which makes the brand.