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There’s a real buzz surrounding recorded music again, thanks in part to a resurgence in the fascination with vinyl. Kids are going into record shops again and no longer think those colourful large squares on the wall and in racks to be an absurd amount of calendars. All this means that there are a lot of bands out there seeking the best recording studios. Select Recording Studio in Woodgreen, London is an ultra-modern recording studio filled with a whole range of hand-picked equipment designed to offer the highest quality recording experience for bands and artists across the many genres that exist today. The production team wear their passion on their sleeves and their experience is reflected in the unwavering quality of their output. The team has over 20 years of experience in the music industry and come from a variety of backgrounds, making them a force to be reckoned with when they come together.

The Select Recording Studio ethos is to fine-tune recordings so that they retain the sprinkling of magic that makes each artist and band’s output their own, while adding a fresh and vibrant feel using the very latest production techniques. We understand the importance of treating each client with professionalism and at the same time recognizing that everyone’s needs are different both in terms of feeling comfortable and what they would like their music to sound like.

Our studio’s services are many and include production, recording, mixing and mastering, all of which is realized in a comfortable and friendly environment. We welcome all manner of recording artists, from singer songwriters to hip hop artists, bands, voiceover artists who need a demo for their CV. We are happy to work on a variety of products to match, whether they are demos, mixtapes, singles or full-length albums.

In terms of the details of our equipment, we offer a high end digital recording environment, which is centred on a Mac Pro music system and complemented by a stunning professional 56 channel mixing desk. Our studio is superbly stocked with a range of professional quality microphones to suit all tastes and jobs, as well as some stunning outboard equipment. In addition there are all manner of virtual instruments and plugins available to give you the best opportunity to reach for your vision.

When it comes to professional, quality production services, Select Recording Studios is right up there. We can even provide musicians for solo artists at no extra charge. There is absolutely no snootiness at Select when it comes to genres. Our tastes are as eclectic as our list of satisfied customers and so whether you’re grime, hip-hop, soul, funk, RnB, techno, dubstep, noise, classical, indie, metal, reggae, country, jazz, blues or musical theatre we have the experience, knowledge and passion to match. All of our clients leave complete with the knowledge that we have done everything in our power to maximise the power of their material.

In terms of rates, Select Recording studios are extremely competitive. Whether you require an hour or a week in the studio we make sure that our costs are completely fair. That is why we offer a complete breakdown of costs on our site, so that everything is transparent and there are no nasty surprises come the end of your time in the studio.

No matter what you require from us we will be delighted to see or hear from you and put our money where our mouth is to show you just how seriously we take our business and how dedicated we are when it comes to bringing your music to life.


Select Recording Studios

Chocolate Factory 2

4 Coburg Road


London N22 6UJ


0208 829 8929 / 07980 000 345