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Tips for Getting the Most out of your Recording Session

Are you potentially the greatest rock and roll band to ever walk the face of the Earth? Well, the fact of the matter is without at the very least a professionally recorded demo, you’ll find it very hard to get ahead in the music biz, no matter how great you are.

Whether you’re yet to be named or seasoned giggers, a great demo can make or break a bans, so it’s well worth investing in time at a professional studio. Although you’ll find some very reasonable deals out there, it pays to make the most of your session so you can get the maximum bang for your buck.

Take a look at these top tips that will help you prepare for your recording session and ensure it goes off without a hitch when the big day arrives.

Before your Session

Before you book a session take time to meet with your band and discuss your option as to what to record. Although it can be worthwhile to pack in as many songs as possible, in most cases it’s best to concentrate on two or three, depending on the length of time you have. That way you’ll set yourself achievable goals and create a handful of polished songs that can act as your showpiece. It’s a good idea to think of a couple of extra songs you could use too in case you do end up with time to spre during your session.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve decided which tracks to lay down practice, practice and practice some more. By the time your recording session comes around every band member should be able to play their part in their sleep. Recording time costs money so it should never be wasted on learning cords or making mistakes with lyrics.

Get Familiar

If it’s your first time in a recording studio it can help to get familiar with the set up before your session. Get in touch with the studio and ask if you can come in for a visit. Most studio staff will be happy to show you around and explain how things work. Doing this before your session will also leave you more time for recording on the day.

Be Patient

Recording sessions may look glamorous in the movies but the process can be slow and laborious so bear that in mind and have patience when you’re creating a track. The longer you spend perfecting the music you record the more likely it is to have the desired effect so be prepared to do things over and over again until you get the results you want.

Use Studio Staff

In most cases you’ll be supplied with engineers during your session so take advantage of the expertise they have to offer and listen to their advice, after all, they’re likely to have far more experience than you.

Avoid Rock and Roll Behaviour!

It may sound ridiculous but professional London recording studios are no place for a rock and roll attitude! Don’t jeopardise your session by going overboard on the alcohol or having a diva attitude. Treat it like a job, get plenty of sleep the night before, keep hydrated, remember to eat and you’ll maintain the energy levels you need to squeeze every last drop out of your recording session.

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